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Sheepskin Coat Men & Women

Sheepskin Coats Men & Women

Sheepskin coats are a staple piece of clothing that should be in everyone’s closet. Known for their durability and warmth, sheepskin coats are an investment that can last for decades if taken care of properly, maintaining their softness and shape. Fashionable and practical, sheepskin coats are the only thing one needs during the cold months of the year, as they are made from top-quality materials which promise satisfaction.

Kinds of Sheepskin Coats

There are two kinds of sheepskin coats, namely slink and shearling. Slink coats are produced from the skin of spring lambs, while shearling coats are made from sheep older than two years. Despite this difference, one thing is guaranteed: both types of coats equip the user with the utmost comfort and warmth.


While other coats, such as faux leather, are cheaper and provide a degree of warmth, sheepskin coats deliver qualities one cannot compromise on. The inside of the coats is lined with wool which has unparalleled benefits. Wool is known for its moisture-wicking properties, wherein it wicks away sweat from the skin, keeping the individual warm and dry.

On top of this, wool has excellent breathability, which can regulate body temperature in all kinds of environments. As if that wasn’t enough, sheepskin is naturally water resistant, providing good protection from the rain. Because of these reasons, sheepskin coat are the perfect clothing item for every climate.

Styles of Sheepskin Coats

The best thing about sheepskin bomber coat is their versatility. Known for their incredible style, these coats look excellent on both men and women. Sheepskin coats come in various types, ranging from looking casual to formal.

Sheepskin coat have four main styles: aviator style, merinos, Toscana, and Napato. Shearling aviator jacket usually have thick skin and hair with a laidback style that can be styled up or down. Merinos are made from thin pelts and shiny hair, creating more elegant coats. Coats with long hair are called Toscana, the ideal jacket for both casual outings or fancy excursions. Lastly, Napato-style sheepskin coats have a shiny exterior, unlike the usually suede ones.

Despite the various kinds of design, the customer is sure to find both comfort and style in whatever they get.


Because these items are so valuable, sheepskin coats demand particular care from their users. Unlike other jackets that are prone to wear and tear over time, aviator jacket can last an incredibly long time if the following instructions are followed:

  • Dry-clean or air-dry only. Washing the jacket in the machine may wear out the materials.
  • Small, timely clean-ups are the best as they prevent the coat from getting permanently soiled.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for prolonged periods (i.e., weeks) as it may bleach the jacket.
  • Give the coat space instead of placing it in stuffed spaces
  • In case the coat gets wet, let it air dry naturally
  • Let a professional clean your jacket every year, as that will ensure it maintains its appeal.

Sheepskin bomber jackets are the perfect investment for anyone looking to expand their style while wanting the correct value for money. Get your hands on one soon!

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